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From Concept to Construction Completion

Because we are both the designers and builders, we are able to produce a preliminary design of the project, prepare a cost analysis, and before spending any additional money on drawings, guarantee our preliminary pricing within 10%.


This protects you and helps you understand the budget in a very detailed way enabling you to make educated decisions on varied options and finishes for your project. This is a very valuable service.


Many times we are asked to bid on a set of final plans prepared by another company only to find that the project is over budget.

How It Works



We first begin with a free consultation to discuss your budget for the project. We view your lot or your existing home and we discuss how much you are willing to spend overall. Next we will discuss your wish list for this project. What is everything you could dream of having? With this information in mind, we will sketch out your project and price it out within 10% accuracy, due to the fact that this is only a preliminary design. If this pricing is not desirable, then we will revise the current sketches based on aspects of the design that you can live without. Our first goal and idea behind the sketch is to accommodate your wishes and make sure you are fully satisfied. If you are doing a renovation, we will come to your project for free and follow the process as seen above. 


After the initial meeting and the preliminary design, we will meet a second time to go over any changes you desire. 


This step is to finalize the preliminaries and once they are finalized, then we price it out within 10%. 


Now we draw the construction documents, as these are imperative. Then we prepare a contract and start building your dream project!

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